Sold Review of 3785 Moorhead Ave

Street Address: 3785 Moorhead Ave


City: Boulder, CO

State: CO

Zip: 80305

Sold Price: 540,500

# of Days to Contact: 8

# of Days to Close: 40

# of Total Offers: 0

List Price** 550,000

Square Feet: 2182

Beds: 4

Baths: 3

3785 Moorhead Avenue was listed on 09/12/2016 for $550,000, wentunder contract on 09/20/2016 and sold on 10/21/2016 for $540,500.

It is a 2182 square foot ranch with a basement. There are threebedrooms/two bathrooms on the main level and one bedroom/one bathroom in thebasement.

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This house last sold in 2006 for $330,000.

The home has had some updating and it showed well.

An adobe fence encloses the front yard. The style wouldn’t workfor everyone but it adds privacy and blocks some of the traffic noise fromMoorhead Ave.

There is a large studio built in the backyard. I expected it to blocka lot of the traffic noise from Highway 36 but it didn’t seem to do very muchin that regard.

The layout is broken up because the walkthrough from the bedroom hallwayto the kitchen was closed off so to go from kitchen to the bedroom area of thehouse requires you to walk through the living room and around.

I wouldn’t label this as a well-rounded house but overall I feelthat the buyer made a good purchase.

It’s interesting to note that we have had more sales on Moorhead(backing to the highway) this year than in years past. This could be nothingmore than coincidence but in a seller’s market such as we are in buyers aremore willing to look past the fact that a property backs to the highway.

Here’s a link to the Moorhead sales in 2016 and below are thenumbers from previous years: Click Here

·     2016 – 6 sales

·     2015 – 3 sales

·     2014 – 0 sales

·     2013 – 4 sales

This property was Listed by RE/MAX of Boulder, Inc