Sold Review of 720 S 44th Street

720 S 44th Street is a 2214 square foot ranch with a finished basement. There are 3 bedrooms with both a full and a half bathroom on the main level and two bedrooms with a ¾ bath in the basement.  This property is located on the east side of 44th Street between Hanover and Table Mesa Drive.
It was listed on 12/01/2016 for $629,900, went under contract on 12/06/2016 and sold on 02/01/2017 for $637,000.
Here’s a link to view the photos and full details of the listing: Click Here
There is room for updating but the house appears to be in good overall condition.
The front and back yards are nicely landscaped and inside the front door is a very functional entryway with lots of room for shoes and jackets.
Overall this is a great house but there are some things to consider.
I was not as impressed as I moved towards the back of the house for three reasons.
  1. The kitchen is very narrow and has no room for expansion because the stairs to the basement are directly behind one of the walls.
  2. The stairs to the basement lead up directly to a door to the backyard. This breaks up the flow and causes the sliding door to have to be on the side of the house.
  3. There is an enclosed porch through the sliding doors off the dining room. In theory it could be nice but this one is very dark and to me felt more like a 3-walled shed than a covered porch. The space is useful but a patio would be much more inviting.
Lastly the basement layout is very catacombed. Some of the areas/rooms are narrow and the layout felt broken up.
Taking everything into consideration I would say the buyer will be happy with their purchase at this price and has made a good investment.

This property is Listed by Redfin Corporation